Using Google Chrome Profiles to keep your single sign on accounts separate

Over the years I have accumulated my fair share of login credentials. Currently, I have four Microsoft accounts that I work with on a daily basis; all attached to different Azure directories. I had some issues in the past switching between different accounts, just because of Single-Sign-On and the way common browsers cache logins. The way I was doing it was by opening “incognito tabs” through which I was continuously logging in and authenticating. This approach did help a bit, but there was still some conflicting sticky credentials that slowed me down. I discovered a feature in Google Chrome called Profiles, which turned out to be the game changer I was looking for. I could now use this approach on a daily basis without any issues. I decided to put this blog together, although not deeply technical, to hopefully save you the time and effort in finding a resolution.

By using this feature you will be able to:

  • Share Chrome with others
  • Keep all your Chrome information separated (bookmarks, history, passwords, settings, etc.)
  • Keep your work and personal accounts separate

So here is the setup:

  1. Install the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Add a new person by following these instructions. I named my “person” with the name of the account I use to log into the Azure portal. Use what works for you.
  3. After adding a new person/profile, log into the Azure portal.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other logins, naming each person/profile accordingly.
  5. You now have the option of using a specific account when you need it by clicking on the profile button next to the browser bar and selecting the appropriate profile.

Ensure that you keep the logins isolated to the profiles they are meant to run in. Do not use multiple accounts for the same profile.

Have fun!

Dries Venter

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